50th Reunion

Over & Above Financial Contributors
The following classmates have made donations to defray the cost of class-related activities. We thank you very much!  If you have made a donation and don't see your name just let us know and we'll be happy to list you.
Nancye Sweet
Tim & Bonnie Maines
Linda Allen Sheldon
Stephen Barnes
Heidi Boettcher DeConcini
Eloise Bowden Nisbet
Dale Bown Taylor
Stephen Buckstein
Charles Bryant
Bob (Dave) Chance
Gary Clark
Sophronia Clarkson Beavers
Jean Clevenstine Wright
Carol Coughlin Costante
Magaret Craven Harrington
Cy Creveling
Gloria DeSance Bussius
Sylvia Dix Kremp
Grace Dodson Stasica
Linda Duncan Harding
Barry Duncan
John Enterline
Marty Goodwin Nichol
Thomas Greil
Gayle Gresic Pyryt
Peggy Herring Ferrell
Steven Hoover
Harry Humphrey
Valerie Keesee Sowell
Donald Kester
Richard Lau
Peter Logan
Joe Mazza
Janeen McCracken Taylor
Mike McCracken
Robert Misdon
Donald Moore
Gary Oden
Steve Pasquini
Gary Pennifill
Fran Polky McElvey
Carol Porter Pommer
Nick Preble
Catherine Rhodes Johnson
Susan Russ Bauman
Nancye Schumann Sweet
Joann Schwab Gale
W. Michael  & Nancy Seganish
Donald & Lorraine Bean Shipp
Dana Stevenson Beales
Sharon Stommel Hamil
Jeanette Stump Bland
Catherine Rhodes Johnson
Mary Thorne Russell
Jeff Trollinger
Andy Turlington
Giles Updyke
Dorothy Thomas Connors
Marjorie Walter Trujulio
Mac Walters
Rose-Mary Ward Barstad (in memory of Ailene Flanders)
Carol Reed Weedman
Ted Westwood
Dennis Wrye
Jane Yagerhofer Moore
John Yates