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10/10/20 11:10 AM #747    


Cyrus Creveling Jr.

Coincidentally, Diana, my yard sign was vandalized last night. Not pointing fingers, but there were bicycle tracks and a pile of empty Brisbane Bitter bottles next to it.

10/10/20 01:04 PM #748    

Cecil Trollinger

Seems mayoral candidate Bill Bass is trying to win the Sandgate Ranch hiking vote

10/10/20 01:40 PM #749    


William Bass

You don't win in the Springs unless you win big in Sandstone Ranch.
This conversation is getting very political. I fear we are about to be banned.

10/10/20 05:00 PM #750    


John Tillman

Vote Bill Slinnton (@BillSlinnton) | Twitter

10/10/20 09:36 PM #751    


John Tillman

It looks like I have been found out.  It is actually the Brisbane Bitter that has drawn me to bicycle riding

Vale Brisbane Bitter- I knew you well.

PS- If you listen to the song you will hear how the word Brisbane is pronounced in Australia- Bris-bun.  Accent on first syllable 
Melbourne is pronounced with a similar ending sound- Mel-bun.  Accent on first syllable.


10/11/20 02:24 PM #752    


June Campbell (Sheets)

Politics aside, you guys make me smile!

10/11/20 02:51 PM #753    

Cecil Trollinger

John, me thinks  your priorities are skewed

10/11/20 03:41 PM #754    


Grace Dodson (Stasica)

I enjoy reading John T's posts from down under.

10/12/20 12:07 PM #755    


William Bass

John Tillman does not have my permission to use my picture.  Take it down!  

Have to admit, it is a good picture.  OK keep it up, but next time please ask.

Mayor Bill

10/12/20 02:25 PM #756    


Barbara Linton (Morris)

Well, John, i listened to the ad for Brisbane Bitter and I can see why you took up cycling and the beverage: that is a really catchy tune! I am humming it in the kitchen now.


10/16/20 03:06 AM #757    


John Tillman


G'day warriors
Living in Australia is different than living in the USA. Not a lot, but there are differences and I thought some of you would find the differences interesting



This pertains to Queensland, but seems to be pretty common throughout Australia.
A pub is a “public house” where alcohol is licensed to be served to drink on site. In Queensland, until the 1980's, the liquor licensing laws required pubs to provide accommodation. So Pubs were also hotels. The word pub and hotel are used interchangeably. They mean virtually the same thing. All hotels sell alcohol to consume on site.

Most hotels have several areas where you can drink, depending on your circumstances etc.

The public bar is where everyone sits up to a bar and just as frequently, stands around talking. This is typically busy in the afternoon at the end of the work day. Working men come here and it can be quite noisy, but everyone usually behaves themselves.
No children are allowed in the public bar.
When I first came to Australia women were not allowed to be in the public bar either, they had to sit in the lounge to have their drinks. That has now changed.
There are tables in the lounge. Of course men and indeed the whole family are welcome to be in the lounge. 

Different Pubs concentrate on different areas of service.
For example, in many pubs the hotel part provides very little money and is only there because it was a requirement of the liquor license. Consequently the hotel accommodation can be very basic. If you want to see what a hotel room from the 50's was like, go stay in a Queensland country pub. Shared toilets and showers/ bath tubs are not uncommon. (Not at the same time though)

Typically a pub will also have a restaurant where large quantities of good, reasonably priced food is available for “tea” (Tea is the evening meal).

Hotels also often offer a “Counter Meal” for lunch at a very reasonable price. Typically they try to keep it around $10.00

Often the counter lunch is quite limited in selection but not in quantity or quality. Contrary to what the name suggests, you can sit at a table to eat lunch, you do not have to sit at the counter.

Many pubs, especially in the bigger towns and cities find that food service is a real money spinner and have huge restaurants.  When we go out for Tea we usually go to a pub because the food is good and prices are reasonable. Several pubs offer a seniors meal for $10.00.
Of course there is always the expectation that you will buy a drink.

The size of a town is an indication of how many pubs are in the town. Most small country towns have 1 pub, while some have more. Dalby currently has 5 operating pubs. When I first arrived here there were 10 pubs. 3 burned down, one was demolished to make way for the shopping centre and one is curently closed. During this time the population has increased from 10,000 to 12,000.

Warra Hotel | Australia hotels, Outback australia, Western australia
The Warra Hotel, about 25 minutes northwest of Dalby- Pop 204
This is a very pretty Queensland Country Hotel

Inline Image Not Displayed

The Kaimkillenbun (Bun) Pub about 20 minutes north east of Dalby- Pop 566



You all stay safe
Hooroo John

PS I- made $51 from drink containers this week

10/16/20 02:09 PM #758    


Ronald "Mac" Walter

Hello John, I'm sure you told us before but how did you end up in Australia? A woman involved?                        






10/16/20 03:15 PM #759    


June Campbell (Sheets)

Good Afternoon John, I get it !  No tipping!  But I do have a question.  Years ago we had an opportunity to move to Australia.  At that time we were led to believe that any services  needed for moving into a residence would require a little bribery!  Just curious!

10/16/20 03:25 PM #760    


June Campbell (Sheets)

And yes!  I  also am curious as to how you ended up in Australia.

10/16/20 07:26 PM #761    


John Tillman

G'day June,
That is interesting, what part of Australia were you looking at coming to?
Can you be more specific?  I have never heard of anyone having to pay bribes to have services installed for their home.  
Other than politicians demanding  or accepting bribes to have laws passed or land rezoned, paying bribes is not part of everyday life in Australia.

A quick question, did the second picture in my above post of the Kaimkillenbun pub show up on your computer.?  On my computer the picture of the Warra Pub is there but where the picture of the Kaimkillenbun pub should be it says "inline image not displayed"

Just in case it did not show here it is again:

Escape to Kaimkillenbun - Brisbane
The Bun Pub- signs read Counter Meals, THE BUN PUB, and accomodation

Photo 7
The Public Bar- This is a small pub


10/17/20 09:49 AM #762    


June Campbell (Sheets)

Good morning John!  The move to Australia would have been a work related move.  It has been so many years ago, but I do remember my husband having pictures in his office of Sydney and Melbourne. The relocation required a two year stay, unless you choose to stay for a longer time.  This was probably close to 50 years ago!  

The pub photos were not displayed in your original post.  Thank you for sharing information about your homeland.  I find your posts most interesting and with a touch of humor!
You have a good day John.  Take care!


10/17/20 06:46 PM #763    


John Tillman


In 1974 I graduated from the University of Maryland as a primary school teacher. The University of Maryland had an employment service, and I went over and filled out a placement form.
I had determined to move from the DC area because the weather was not what I wanted.

One of the questions on the form was would I be interested in working overseas to which I answered yes.
A few days later they contacted me and said that the Queensland State Department of Education was recruiting teachers so I made an appointment and talked to their recruiter.

Within a week or two I was contacted and told I had been accepted and I would be leaving in about a month.

I had to send in my passport which would be returned to me when I got on the plane in Los Angeles. That was to encourage you to not have second thoughts and not show up


I signed a contract to work for one year. Queensland provided the flight free from Los Angeles to Australia and the first two years I worked in Australia were income tax free.

Married teachers had to sign a contract for two years and their whole family was flown to Australia free.
When I arrived at LAX I was met by a member of the program and my passport was returned to me. A Permanent Resident Visa had been stamped in the passport, the equivalent of a Green Card in the USA. They wanted us to stay.

It was a Qantas charter flight full of teachers and their families going off on a great adventure to Australia.

And, thanks to that Permanent Resident Visa and no great urge to return and live in the USA, I am still here.

Hooroo, John

10/18/20 11:28 AM #764    


Diana McKamey

John, I thoroughly enjoy your posts.  Thanks for taking the time to stay in touch with us from down under.  

10/18/20 12:44 PM #765    


Grace Dodson (Stasica)

Enjoyed reading how you ended up moving to Australia. I have always thought that would be a interesting place to visit.

10/18/20 01:39 PM #766    


Cyrus Creveling Jr.


Do I have this right — John Tillman didn’t get to Australia until 1974? I was there in 1968 — next to me Tilly is late to the pub!


The photo was taken at a restaurant in Sydney, having dinner with Philomena “Pip” Johnstone, who was totally captivated by me as you can tell by the look on her face. How could she not be impressed with my spiffy suit from world-famous Eastover Shopping Center?


The bad news was that Pip’s 3-day final exams for nursing college started at 7 am the next morning, so she had to eat dinner and immediately go home to study.*



Throw another shrimp on the barbie 


*Yes, I’m aware of the “safety valve excuse,” but she was having a good time — honest! Also, this shows the difference between men and women: If the situation was reversed, I would have gladly stayed out all night with her and slept through finals. Life is about priorities!


Not to mention that to be a suave and desirable man in Australia was (is?) shockingly easy since Aussie men immediately ditch their dates at parties and get piss drunk with their mates. The women take cabs home while the men vomit and pass out until dawn. Even my social ineptitude sailed over that low bar.



10/19/20 05:22 PM #767    


John Tillman

G'day Warrior,

How could I have forgotten, Cy was here long before I came.
In fact, it was Cy who first introduced me to the B&S Ball scene.

Below is a “super 8” of me attending my first B&S along with Cy. For some reason he used to go by the name Tom.

Hooroo, John

10/19/20 06:01 PM #768    


June Campbell (Sheets)


Too cute!  Like I said”always a little humor!”




10/21/20 08:53 PM #769    


John Tillman


G'day Warriors,
About 10 years ago I sat down and wrote out the melody line and words for our fight song as I recalled them.  Being in the band, I never learned the words because I was always playing the music.  Then, I put it to one side and forgot about it until last week when I found the fight song on Youtube.  I had looked in years past, but this is a relatively new posting.
I do not agree with all the words as written, but I may be mistaken.  I do know that at time mark 37 and again at 41 we shouted "FIGHT"

I am sure there will be some people who know the fight song by heart- Cheerleaders?  Are the words written in this video accurate?

Just to be pedantic (not to be confused with pandemic), Mr Johnson's first name was actually Charles which he never used.  At times, when his name was printed in the music programs it would be printed C. William Johnson.
When I was in high school I had heard that he had used his university fight song to model our fight song after, but I have checked and they sound nothing alike.  Anybody have any idea whether the music was "borrowed" from another place?


Mr Johnson also wrote the Alma Mater.


The person who posted these two videos is Dennis Levanduski

You all stay safe
Hooroo, John


10/22/20 12:30 PM #770    


Grace Dodson (Stasica)

Thanks, this is interesting. I wonder if words to the song is in one of the year books. I will look.

10/23/20 11:33 PM #771    


John Tillman


G'day Warriors,

While this is particular to Queensland, it is very similar in the other states and territories.

Very importantly, we drive on the left hand side of the road in Australia.  That means the driver sits on the right side of the car.

Keep Left reverse - any colour shirt" Sticker by okeydokey | Redbubble

Speeds and distances are measured in metric.
Speed limits are in kilometres per hour/ kph and distances in meters/ m and kilometres/ km.
The speed limit in rural areas is 100 kph (62mph) unless otherwise signed
The speed limit in built up areas is 50 kph (31 mph) unless otherwise signed.

Speed limit signs that are in metric have the number inside a red circle

Yield” signs are called “Give Way” signs.

There are very few “Stop” signs used in Queensland, they mostly use “Give Way” signs which is very sensible.

There are many uncontrolled intersections in the country and country towns. That means there are no Give Way or Stop signs. In this instance the rule is that for intersections where the roads cross you give way to the right and for T intersections the ending road gives way to the continuing road.
This is an important rule to know and follow at all times.


In Roundabouts/ Traffic circles, the driving direction is clockwise.  Traffic entering the roundabout gives way to traffic in the roundabout.

Toll roads are becoming more common in the eastern states of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.  Cash is no longer collected and cars continue moving without interuption.  The toll is collected by an electronic E-tag if you have one or you have three days to go on line and pay the toll.  The E-tag works throughout all Australia.

Kangaroos tend to be both nocturnal and crepuscular as well as a bit suicidal.  They have very little road safety sense. I try to avoid driving in the country from late afternoon till after sunrise if possible, especially in wooded areas.  In the event that I do have to drive in the country during these times, I limit my speed to about 80 kph/ 50 mph.

Kangaroos often lay up in the shade during the hot portion of the day, however it is not uncommon to to see a kangaroo during the day. Kangaroos live in "mobs".  If you see one kangaroo there  will likely be others close by.

Australia Kangaroos come out to drink water on the road after heavy rain.  Central Flinders Ranges… | Western australia travel, Outback australia,  Australian animals 
Notice the magpie talking to the kangaroo second from the bottom. Probably telling him how many bicycle riders he attacked that day.

Stay safe,
Hooroo, John


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