Missing Classmates


 Any classmate who has not registered with the website is considered "missing," as far as the website is concerned.  Please check the list of names below.  If you know how to contact anyone on the list, please do so and urge them to reconnect with us here.  If you know a current email address, you can click on their name below, and invite them to join our new online home.  Once these classmates have activated their profile, they will no longer be considered "lost at sea."  Thank you for helping us recover missing/lost classmates!

Joyce Anderson
Raymond Anderson
Rosemary Andrews
Steven Atlas
Linda Barr
Hjordis Barrett
Linda Barrett
Robert Barrett
Agnes Basista
Judith Bogdanowicz (Gillis)
Joseph Borja
Jim Boutwell
Roger Bragg
Cheryl Brock (Hughes)
Jack Burke
Joan Busl (Prim)
Joanne Cady (Green)
Aubrey Cain
John Cardinal
Diane Carey
Charlene Carter
Kevin Caward
Walter Chandler, Jr.
Nicky Collins
Martha Cooper
Bryan Coupal
Robert Cox
Juanita Cunningham
Barbara Davis (Milstead)
Elizabeth Davis
Kerry Dean
Elisabeth Decker
Daniel Dewine
Joyce Dibble
Patricia Downs
Charlotte Drenkhahn
Carol Duffy
Barbara Easter (Brewer)
Felix Edwards
Briggs Ekrem
Carolyn Ellison
Gary Eshelman
Joseph Ferrara
Lawrence Fiedler
Jane Fitzwater
James Foote Jr.
Lynn Ford
Dennis Forsht
Nancy Fratianni
Judith Freeman
Paul Freeman
Mark Frye
Lynn Gandy
Flora Garner (Moorman)
Linda George (McClosky)
Barbara Gibson
Norman Gibson
Karen Gross (Meadows)
Margaret Hardesty
Elizabeth Hargrave (Paterson)
Garnet Hemp (Fowler)
Thomas Hennessey, Jr.
Judith Herscher
Jhan Hiber
George Holets
Roger Hunt
Donna Ingram
Larry James
William Jenkins
Sheila Johnson (Hubble)
Ronald Kendrick
Patricia Kerby
Louise Kirby (Capone)
James Lacy, II
Mary LaFever
Richard Landon
Kenneth Lauver
Carl Lavsa, Jr.
Sherry Lincoln
Sandra Linder
Robert Lupton
Richard Luurtsema
Mary Marquess
Raymond Mathieson
Patricia McCall
William McClosky
Donna McDonald (Hall)
Kathleen McGinnis
Jerri McMillan (Wilson)
Paulette Meredith (Lastra)
Sandra Montgomery (Pinkas)
Marilyn Moore
Frances Mowry (Fairbrother)
Suzanne Naymick
Jeffrey Nieland
Terrence O'Brayant
Alicemarie Olsen
Larisa Osipous
Sharon Phipps
Lawrence Pinsky
Donna Rabb
Karen Rasch
Judith Reid
Robert Resheske
Alice Rollins
James Ryan
Judy Rygg
Frank Shelly
Catherine Smith (Taylor)
Mark Smith
Robert Smith
Sandra Smith (Riffle)
Gail Souther (Ellis)
Wayne Spano
Glenn Spitzer
Sharon Stephen (Van Horn)
Sheryl Stephen (Nutting)
Annette Swanner
Jeannette Tarut
Katherine Taylor
Robert Thomas
Patricia Tidwell (Donovan)
James Truman
Jana Underwood
Robert Vance
Harold Vandover
Daniel Volonakis
Sandra Wakeman
Shirley Wallich
Thomasa Walters
Michael Watson
Rayma Weiss
William Wignall
Larry Wilheim
Claudia Wilkin
Steven Williams
Mary Winston
Margaret Witowski
Charlene Woodall (Corn)
David Zollars

Guest Members

Bonnie Samuel (Kroll)