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Marjorie Daniel (Ledford)

Marjorie Daniel (Ledford)

Margie passed away yesterday from complications due to pancreatic cancer. She had an amazing outlook and was determined to kick cancers butt. Unfortunately God had a different plan. She passed peacefully surrounded by her daugher, Jason and their girls. 

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09/27/17 10:53 AM #15    

Jane Yagerhofer (Miller)

The sweetest smile and most sparkling blue eyes of beautiful Marjorie/Margie are now on the great CLIPPER SHIP in GOD's HEAVEN!  Margie never knew a stranger--she had friends where ever she went!  The Blue Bird Troop that Margie, Kristin Peterson, Nancye Schuman, and other OHHS'64ers belonged to is enlarging and they are having so much fun--but don't get any ideas about joining up, Nancye, and the rest of you!    Margie, you were and always will be a brilliantly bright beacon of love, joy, and friendship to all of CLIPPERSHIP OHHS '64!  Rest in peace in our Lord's arms with our love,  Jane Y.


09/27/17 02:04 PM #16    

Margaret Todd (Farney)

My heart is breaking at the loss of one of my oldest friends, at least since age 5.  I thank God for my mother (Dr. Todd) reaching out to the Fort Foote mothers to include me in their girls activities as there were only boys near us in 1951.  Because of her, I still count Margie, Nancye, Maryellen and Louise as my oldest friends.  I loved all of them like sisters.  Margie was a joy to be around, so happy and filled with life.  It didn't matter how long it had been since you'd seen her last, she welcomed you like a dear friend.  I still remember the Halloween party(s) at her parents home after Trick or Treating in Fort Foote.  Coming into a darkened house with spooky sounds and bowls of slimy critters for you to touch, followed by apple bobbing, etc. It was great!  All of Maryellen's memories of the bull in the field and the barn accross the street, brought the same memories flooding back to me.  I love you and miss you all.  God Bless the class of 64 and keep us all in good health until we are together again.

09/27/17 03:00 PM #17    

Joseph Mazza

So sorry to hear.

09/28/17 11:33 AM #18    

Jo Ann Ellison (Sykes)

So sorry to hear of Margorie's passing. Love and prayers go out to her family and friends. I know that she will be missed by many.

09/29/17 07:48 PM #19    

Janeen McCracken (Taylor)

It was so great to see Margie at our 70th. She was as upbeat and sweet as ever. It’s hard to believe she is gone. She’ll be missed by so many of us, her family, and her friends.

09/29/17 09:12 PM #20    

David (Bob) Chance

Margie was a delightful and happy person whom I got to know more as an adult and through our reunions over the years.  May God bless her family and may she rejoice in heaven.  It's harder and harder to see our friends and classmates pass.  Jeff Trollinger and Lorna and Mary and I did a grand nostalgia tour today (Friday) remembering where everyone lived and going to all the old places.  It was a great remembrance.  Rest in Peace Margie.

10/20/17 03:41 PM #21    

Cyrus Creveling Jr.

Two weeks ago today, I attended the funeral of Margie Daniel Ledford, along with classmates Mike McCracken, Jeff Trollinger, and Jean Clevenstine, and Bob Pearson, Wes Rice, and Tom Ledford from the Class of 1963:

I met Margie Daniel on school bus 68, in late winter of 1954, as we rode to Oxon Hill Elementary School. “That little girl is very friendly,” I said to myself, “and she really talks a lot!”


Every Monday we had “show and tell,” which varied from “I found this dead stick,” to one really smart student (Marilyn Hall?) demonstrating a Van de Graff generator. Margie had better stories than the rest of us: Her (much) older siblings would take her to the homecoming game and all-sports night at the high school, and we were envious of her grown-up adventures.


Her story about a donkey basketball game has stayed with me all these decades, because this concept boggled our 8-year-old minds, and we dare not expose our ignorance by asking, “How do donkeys dribble a basketball?” Fortunately, Margie had made it very clear that poop was involved, lots and lots of poop. That we could understand, and rewarded Margie with hysterical laughter.


My more recent memory of Margie was from the 40th class reunion, our last in Oxon Hill, mostly because two classmates’ cars were stolen during the dinner. When I talked to Margie later, she was unhappy about losing her car — which was paid for, thank you! — but really incensed that her new set of golf clubs had been in the trunk. Months later, she told me that her poor car had been found full of bullet holes and broken glass, and was being restored.


Margie later showed me the bullet hole in her sun visor, now a treasured memento. She had recently driven a carload of her Red Hat friends when they noticed the hole and asked about it. Her explanation was met with stunned silence followed by hyperventilating uproar, as if these women suddenly feared their trusted friend had a trunk full of Tommy guns and they were headed to knock-off a bank.


I have been to eleven class reunions, and was always happy spending time with Margie, a very friendly woman who talked a lot — and always left me wanting to hear more.

10/21/17 11:27 AM #22    

Frances Polky (McElvey)

Thank you Cy for these lovely memories of Marjorie.  You are a gifted writer with a great memory.  I lived so far away in Allentown MD. growing up that my best friends were the trees. It wasn’t until I got to OH Jr. High that I got to know people.  It sounds like you had a fun time together. 

10/21/17 11:53 AM #23    

Steve Pasquini

Great work CY. Thanks so much for memories of Marge.  She was such a delight!  I had a wonderful conversation with Merge’s daughter Kim recently. Marge was clearly a great mom and Grandmother as well.

10/23/17 12:33 PM #24    

Margaret Todd (Farney)

Thanks again Cy for your wonderful reminiscences of Margie. As usual, you found a way to bring those memories to life. You are truly an exceptional writer. 

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