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Kristin Peterson (Harms)

Kristin Peterson (Harms)

Deceased Classmate: Kristin Peterson
Date Of Birth: 2-15-1946
Date Deceased: 2-22-2016
Age at Death:
Cause of Death:
Classmate City: cheyenne
Classmate State: WY
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No
Survived By: husband and two children and sister

"Kristin was a wonderful mother who raised a great daughter and son. she was a registered nurse for many years and volunteered for many organizations throughout her life..I miss her very much,,her husband...... "

Information provided by her husband on May 6, 2016

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05/07/16 08:05 AM #1    

Linda Grayson (Latona)

In addition to being a classmate, Kristen lived near me .  I remember her as a very sweet and intelligent person.  My sympathies to her family and I know she is dearly missed.

Linda Latona 

05/08/16 02:26 PM #2    

William Bass

Sweet girl...hanging out with Marie now, I am certain.

05/09/16 11:34 AM #3    

Janet Daugherty (Parrack)

So sorry to hear about Kristin. Knew her from elementary school--used to go to her house often. My condolensences to her family and friends.

05/09/16 02:11 PM #4    

Jane Yagerhofer (Miller)

Kristin's mother and my mother were friends since @ 1942 when we all lived in Anacostia--Mrs. Peterson was the librarian at the local library and my mother ckecked out lots of books.  Krisse and I went to nursery school together in D.C.  Our dads worked at NRL. When we moved to Panorama Dr., there was Krisse and Eloise was also down the street!  Krisse went on vacations with my family, she often went to church with me, we goofed around a lot, double dated to the Jr. Prom, and drove to school every day once we got our drivers' licenses.  Both Krisse and Eloise were in my (first & only) wedding. Krisse adored her dogs--Harriet slept with her and I envied her because my mother wouldn't allow our dog in the house.  Mrs. Peterson was such an awesome mother & Mr. Peterson was so funny--remember when you'd call Krisse how he'd say, "Hold the phone..." and call her?  They'd allow surfing music and all of the contemporary stuff--it was really fun at their house!  I tried to pattern raising my kids after the Peterson household--3 kids=3 dogs that could sleep with the kids, if they wanted their puppies to.  Now my daughter practically has a household of pets for her 2 kids and allergic husband!  Krisse was always up and funny...always had a kind word about everyone and everything... and would squint her eyes when she'd smile? There are no words to express the impact Krisse and her family had on my life! We have lost a beacon on our ship here...but the celestial CLIPPER SHIP shines brighter than ever with Kristin's smiles and love added to it--and I think they're having so much fun with their pets and each other that we'd better get going to catch up down here in the FUN DEPARTMENT!  SEE YOU IN OCTOBER, CLIPPERS--THAT'S WHAT KRISTIN WOULD WANT!  AND ELOISE WANTS TO COME, TOO!

05/09/16 02:15 PM #5    

Grace Dodson (Stasica)

So sad to hear of another death of our classmates. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

05/10/16 08:56 AM #6    

Ronald "Mac" Walter

I am very sorry to hear about Kristin, my condolences to her family.

05/10/16 02:12 PM #7    

Margaret Todd (Farney)

So sorry to hear about Kristin, I have thought about her many times over the years.  She was one of my favorite friends in elementary school and Camp Fire Girls. We spent many happy hours together exploring and camping out on numerous occasions at Fort Washington.  She definitely took after her Dad and inherited his sense of humor.  Always up for a good prank, she roped me into executing many of them.  I think we had great empathy for each other because of our shared need for glasses at an early age, as most of our friends weren't severely myopic.  I remember my mom driving me over to her house to play, and being so impressed by her sweet mother and her very funny Dad.  He was so different from my very serious father.  I loved going to their house.  Kristin and I even went to Camp Mawahvee (Camp Fire away camp) together and were in the same cabin.  I think I broke my glasses on the second day and Kristin was my eyes for the rest of the week.  We had so much fun together.  It makes me sad to think about her being gone at such a young age.  As Bill said, now she can party with Marie.  Two of the sweetest, kindest girls I've ever known.  God Bless them both..

05/11/16 03:24 PM #8    

Richard Lau

She had a disposition that matched her sweet face. RIP

05/14/16 01:04 PM #9    

Frances Polky (McElvey)

My thoughts and prayers go out to Kristin’s family and friends.  I enjoyed  knowing her in high school and can still see her lovely smile.  She was kind, funny, and very accepting.  It sounds like she had a wonderful career and a family who loved her very much.

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