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EDWARD C. GRIGSBY, passed away March 1966, interred at Arlington National Cemetery.

Edward C. Grigsby, Mar 1966, US Navy

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09/03/14 10:34 AM #2    

Richard Lau

A Baseballl Story:  We loved our 6th grade teacher Miss King and we knew she loved us.  How could we now look at the class picture and not want to hug everybody there?  It must have been during the first week of class that she asked all of us to write our names on the blackboard.  One by one we would shyly walk to the front of the classroom and write or scribble our names on the board and look toward the floor to avoid eye contact when returning to our seats.  Then the little boy (who my wife now describes as a "cute little guy") sitting in the last seat in the row adjacent to me took his turn.  He confidently walked up to the front of the room, grabbed the piece of chalk and wrote in large letters "Edward Cleveland Grigsby III".  He turned and faced the class and proudly strutted back to his seat with his head held high.  We all giggled with delight and Miss King beamed with "motherly" approval.  My association with Eddy continued at the Church of the Holy Communion on Nichol's Avenue in South East Washington, D.C.  His dad, "Big Eddy", coached the church sponsored baseball team.  I was a pitcher and "Little Eddy" was the catcher.  When it came to baseball Eddy played with all his being.  He was emotional, determined and scrappy.  On one occasion he was standing in the base line between home and third awaiting a throw from the outfield.  The runner rounded third and was barreling home as the throw came in.  With his usual grittiness and determination he caught the ball and met the runner head on.  Eddy was violently knocked backwards to the ground and laid still on his back.  As we all rushed to his aid, the umpire yelled to the runner "You're Out!"  Eddy was lying unconscious on the base path with the ball still in his catcher's mitt.  He eventually rose to his feet and I thought "Ya gotta love this guy!"  After graduating from OHHS Eddy joined the U.S. Navy and got married.  In 1966, while stationed in Norfolk,VA, he drove up with a fellow sailor to visit his dad and mom to let them know that they were to become grandparents.  Sadly while returning to Norfolk, the car which his friend was driving ran off the road killing both of them.  They were interred at Arlington Cemetary adjacent to one another.  His memorial can be seen from the roadway leading to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  So to Eddy and other members of the "Class of 64" that have passed, you may be gone but you are surely not forgotten.

                                                                              Richard Lau

09/03/14 03:38 PM #3    

Arthur Gill


i remember Eddy, what nice guy.


09/03/14 06:19 PM #4    

William Bass


Nice job on your memories of Eddie. I believe he was the first Class of 64 grad to die. Very sad.

I remember him as a ball player. He played for the Birchwood City or Southlawn team when Jeff, Billy Rivers and I played against him when we played for StJohns. Tough as nails catcher. Reminded me of a mini Clint Couirtney. Tough to pitch to. Really didn't need to crouch much behind the plate. I bet he would be having a ball on this thread if he were here.  RiP Eddie, RIP.


09/04/14 09:37 AM #5    

Barry Duncan

Richard, what a great story about Eddie. I lived near Eddie in Southlawn and knew his parents well. Every summer Eddie, Bob Misdom, myself and several others played sandlot baseball all day long. Didn't matter if we had 5, 6 players or whatever, we made teams and played. To echo what you said about Eddie, he had more hustle and determination than anyone. He played like someone twice his size and age.

09/04/14 10:59 PM #6    

Sallie Waddell (Williams)

I knew Eddie and his parents.  They lived at the top of Westfield Drive in Southlawn and I lived at the bottom of the street.  They were great friends with Leonard Cross' (also OHHS 64) family and we all attended The Church of the Holy Communion.  Eddie's death devistated his parents and we were in disbelief for a long time.  A loss I will never forget.

Sallie Waddell Williams 

09/05/14 09:20 AM #7    

Edward Westwood

Richard, what a nice remembrance about Eddie ! He also caught for me many times-- I loved throwing to him-- and he was indeed a scrappy player.  He was one of my fathers favorite players .  My father and Eddie's dad would often sit together for the games.  I can still hear Mr. Grigsby yelling out during the games-- way to go son !!

09/08/14 08:32 AM #8    

James Tagert Jr

Richard, what a great story. I remember that we were playing football in the streets of Murray Hill with Bobby Josephson - we did it after school every day. I think that is when you told us about Eddie's car accident. I did not know him but I knew that he was your good friend. I have never forgotten that day because he was, I think,  the first classmate to die after graduation. Jimmy.

09/14/14 05:15 PM #9    

Rae Halt (Huston)

I know this is such a late commentary on the death of Eddie but after reading the other comments I feel driven to say what's on my heart.

Eddie had a crush on me in school and it was at a time when I hardly knew myself.  I couldn't believe anyone could have a crush on me, of all people!  So I couldn't return his affections but I remained friendly to him as he did me.  Everyone is right in saying he was a decent human being.  He was the most decent guy I had ever met at the time and treated me extremely kind.  He showed me how guys should act toward a girl.

I watched him play ball and remember how hard he played. He seemed to excel scholastically as well. He put 100% into everything. I loved reading what everyone said about him because they nailed his personality.

When I heard he made it back from Viet Nam I thanked God even though I didn't see him after school. Then I heard the news about his death and couldn't believe it. I've never forgotten him.  Every young girls needs a guy like Eddie Grigsby in their life. Such a great soul lives on in all of us!

09/15/14 03:30 PM #10    

Cecil Trollinger

Eddie Grigsby!  What a small strike zone, and a tremendous competitor. We also lost Carol Valentine at a young age, and Joan Schminsky did she die when we were still in school or soon after?   Jeff T

05/25/15 06:59 AM #11    

James (Jim) Lafley

I also played ball with and was a close friend to Eddy. I remember many days shared ,with him, one in particular was when his Dad, also about his size, got into a fight while coaching a game behind John Hanson Jr High School. His Dan was punched over the eye and cut by a ring, much blood and the church team wanted to stop the game but his Dad said play on and we did.

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