Join Or Forgot Password

How To Join Our Site...

If you have already registered just enter your email address and password.   
If this is your first time visiting the site then the following steps will lead you through the process of registering and creating your own password to access the site 
1.  If this is your first time to the site or you have not already registered go to the Classmates Tab on the top of the page.
2.  That will take you to a list of all our classmates.  Find your name and click on it .  This will bring you to a new page with you name at the top and in big blue letters JOIN HERE.   
3.  That will open up a new page called Member Wizard Step 1 of 5.  Follow the instructions from there.
4.  Come back to and this time enter your email address and the password you created.
Forgot You Password?? 
Enter your email address then click on the grey Forgot Password?     Your password will automatically be sent to you.  Once you get it just return to the site and enter your email address and password and enjoy the site. 

How To Update My Personal Profile

When your personal data changes (email address, phone number, status, home address, etc.) you simply go to EDIT CONTACT INFO tab on the left hand side of the Home Page under MEMBER FUNCTIONS.

In other words we each update our own own records!  Keep your profile updated please so you don't miss a thing!  If you have a problem let us know and we'll do our best to help but please try to keep your own information up to date and reflecting whatever you prefert to show or not show to other classmates.

To update or change your Profile information click on that tab right below the Edit Contact Info tab and update whatever profile information it is you want to change.